Covering government, elections, issues and civic activism in Montgomery County, Maryland and Beyond. Civic podcast and local news from Jon Foreman, citizen activist and longtime county resident.

Since I'm an activist and a journalist - you should know where any biases might emerge from since most journalists do not actively campaign for issues or give money to causes / campaigns. While I strive to be fair to all those I interview and provide objective information, note that I'm a progressive and take a strong stand on many issues.

  1. I chair two committees in Indivisible Montgomery

  2. I 'm advocating for addressing the climate emergency with a WWII-like mobilization with the Climate Mobilization Montgomery County. I'm also affiliated with the Montgomery County Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions.

  3. I chair one committee at the Kensington Heights Civic Association

Media Consumed Regularly
  1. New York Times

  2. Mother Jones

  3. The Intercept

  4. Democracy Now

  5. Many other sources

  6. Check my Twitter feed for Activists I follow.

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