Bill Cook

Candidate for County Council - District 1

In February, 2018, Bill shared his views on the nefarious influence of money in politics, reckless development, addressing the climate emergency, income equity, transportation, schools and problems in the Democratic Party.

Hear Bills thoughts on:

  • On Reckless Development & Money In Politics​

    • Has favored developers

    • Has not favored residents

    • Has created a lot of problems

    • Overcrowded Schools

    • Broken Water Mains

    • Dwindling Affordable Housing

    • Have not been collecting impact taxes

    • Why? - many candidates are funded by real estate developers

  • On Support / Work for Bernie Sanders

  • On Money in Politics


  • Money is the root of problems in our politics; until that is fixed, we can’t solve a lot of problems

  • Favors public financing statewide and more transparency in reporting requirements on donation sources

  • There should be more scrutiny of here candidate funding comes from

  • Several of the top candidates in District 1 are getting money from developers

  • It is unclear where the money is coming from even for candidates taking public financing - need more transparency in reporting donations

  • D1 Issues

    • Overcrowded schools - projected 160% over capacity by 2020

    • Poolesville is dilapidated, yet was taken of construction list (because it is not over capacity)


  • Schools:

    • The number 1 magnet in MoCo relative to other counties

    • If we lose that, we lose our draw and justification for higher taxes

  • Priorities

    • Reforming our land use decisions

    • Observe our rules for impact taxes; no more exemptions

    • Raise the impact taxes for new development

    • Make sure our council reps aren’t beholden to special interests / developers

    • Will yield better advocates on residents appointed to the planning board

    • Path to incorporating towns should be easier to provide better representation for citizens

    • School construction should be a priority in the county’s budget

    • Support and encourage public transportation

    • Via dedicated funding / subsidies

    • BRT

    • More amenities on buses (e.g. wifi)

    • Roads

    • Explore tech solutions and re-engineering to improve efficiency

    • Income Equity

    • Need to do more to raise wages

    • Improve working conditions / worker rights

    • Using project labor agreements for county work

    • 15 is good, but is not a livable wage (17 / 18 is closer to livable in MoCo

    • Supporting unions - making them available to workers


  • Revenue:

    • Explore taxing things that have negative effects (e.g. soda)

  • On Activism and Change


  • On Election Reforms

  • Same Day Registrations

  • Ranked Choice Voting

  • Open Primaries

  • Climate

    • Move aggressively to get off of fossil fuels

    • Close Dickerson power plant / incinerator

    • Yes on divestment of fossil fuel companies

    • Zero Waste

    • Limit trash output

    • Allow unlimited recycling

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