Brandy Brooks - Part I

Candidate for Montgomery County Council, At-Large, Democrat

Brandy discusses her vision for an equitable Montgomery County.

You'll learn about Brandy's ideas regarding:

  • Community activism, organizing and non-profit work

  • Focus on food and land-us / development as a way to achieve social justice




  • Affordable Housing

  • Transportation

  • The Economy

  • Food Systems



  • Affordable Housing Crisis

  • Living Wage (and how $15 is not enough)

  • Tipped workers and a living wage

  • Reorganizing the economic system to be more fair for people and businesses.

  • Cooperatives (Consumer, Business, Residential, Financial, etc.) and how they equalize economic power

  • Affordable commercial space

  • Effective enforcement of earned sick leave and equal pay ordinances

  • On the convergence of many factors resulting in many candidates running for office in Montgomery County.

  • How local elections have been ignored and why that is a bad idea.

  • The solutions to local problems are in our communities.

Stay tuned for part II when we will cover much more.

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