Montgomery County Climate Activists Describe the Immense Challenge Humans Face And How They Are Working To Address The Crisis in Montgomery County / Maryland

Jim Driscoll - Climate Mobilization, Montgomery County Chapter

March 23, 2018


I sat down with Jody Peltason (Takoma Park Mobilization / Environmental Committee), Herb Simmens (Climate Mobilization MoCo and Author of "A Climate Vocabulary of the Future" and Jim Driscoll (Climate Mobilization MoCo) and had my own "oh shit" moment.

While I'd understood the nature of the threat global warming threat, it helps to be exposed to it repeatedly. Jody, Jim and Herb really scared my pants off.

So have a listen if you haven't had your "oh shit" moment yet and learn how we can act quickly to spare ourselves from climageddon (it may be coming a lot sooner than you think).

Jody Peltason - Maryland Leads on Climate | Takoma Park Mobilization (Environmental Committee)

Herb Simmens - Climate Mobilization, Montgomery County Chapter | Author

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