Craig Carozza-Caviness

Candidate for County Council - At Large

On April 11, 2018, Democratic candidate for an at-large council seat in Montgomery County, Craig Carozza-Caviness discussed his priorities, including creating a green zone and educating students about healthful eating.

Hear Craig's Thoughts On:




  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Consultant (Series Six)




  • Education

    • Pay Teachers More

    • Close Achievement Gap

  • Public Safety

  • Transportation

  • Affordable Housing

  • Local Economy

  • Raise Revenue

  • Progressive Action

  • Green Culture


Financing Campaign


  • Taking Public Financing

  • Restricting any Donations?

    • Yes to PACs, Not Yet Received

    • NRA - No

    • Hasn’t had the need to refuse donations yet


Teacher Pay


  • Raising teacher pay means a better school system / more attractive county

  • After School Programs - Need More Funding / Improvement (to help low income families who can’t afford after school care) => provide a boost to at-risk youth to stay out of trouble

  • Support Art Programs

  • The Best School Districts Tend to Pay More


Helping Working Families


  • How Universal Pre-K or Free Community College Helps


Finding Funding for Programs is Critical and a Major Challenge


  • Need support in Annapolis

  • Legalize Recreational Marijuana / Monetize It (State Level)

    • Proven profitable in other states

  • Countywide Internet Service Provider


Green District


  • Move us towards:

    • Clean Energy

    • Organic / Vegan / Vegetarian / Healthy Food

    • Education component in schools


Education is the Great Equalizer


  • Social Media Awareness


Challenge with Police / Minority Relationship


  • On Being Stopped / Harrassed by Police as a Child

  • Community Oversight Needed

  • De-escalation Training

  • Need highly qualified police officers

  • Most police officers are great


Affordable Housing / Public Transportation Link


  • Transit Oriented Development

  • Rollback Mandates on Accessory Developments

  • Development Impact Fees Needed

  • Employer / Employee Incentive Programs


Compassion in Government

M83 - 200 Extension Past Clarksburg


  • Cuts through a lot of low income neighborhoods


Climate Emergency


  • We need incentives / mandates to make change

  • Ensure that our stormwater runoff permits aren’t privatized

  • Incentivize composting / look at waste

  • Educate the community

  • Incentivize biking / car pools

  • Expand the agricultural reserve

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