Dalbin Osorio

Candidate for County Council - District 1

May 5, 2018 - Democratic candidate for District 1, County Council, in Montgomery County Maryland, Maryland, Dalbin discusses: ineffective development, inadequate pay and improving communication with residents.

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You’ll Learn About:

Residents Don’t Know About County Services

On Non-Profits Offering Integral County Services /


Needing More Funding


On the Precipice of an Economic Collapse in Montgomery County

- Need to generate more revenue

- We’ve expanded to fast

-  Infrastructure is behind development / schools overcrowded

County Should Not Be In The Alcohol Business

On Taxes Not Being Spent for Declared Intent

Campaign Finance

- Not taking public financing

- Funding for campaigns should be used for residents instead

- Lower the amount allocated for financing campaigns

- Will not take PAC, corporation or development money



- Halt New Development

- Using energy efficiency mandates to decrease cost of real estate ownership

- On Sweetheart Developer Deals / Real Estate Money Supporting Candidates


Macedonia Baptist Church / Graveyard of Formerly Enslaved

- Planned parking lot over top of the cemetery

Macedonia Church excluded from decision-making


How Halting Development Helps Improve Budget Outlook

Living Wage = More County Revenue

On County Reserves

On Fighting For Our Planet’s Survival

- Need to retrofit buildings / build green buildings

- Long term savings and lowering costs in county justify this investment

- On Green Economic Development

On Council’s Sex Trafficking Task Force

On Social Work Experience

Supporting the Immigrant Community

- On DC Model for Attorney Assistance for Immigrants

- Supports Deportation Defense for County Residents

On Support for Ranked Choice Voting

Supports Constitutional Amendment to Get Corporate Money Out of Politics

The US Has Never Come To Terms With Slavery, Jim Crow and Continued Oppression of Blacks

On a $17 Minimum Wage ($15 Isn’t Enough)

On the Achievement Gap

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