Danila Sheveiko

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Learn about:

  1. From being spied on by the KGB to Montgomery County Civic Activist

  2. Sex abuse in county schools / schools reporting this issue / lack of transparency

  3. Air quality

    1. American Lung Association Website: State of the Air

      1. Grade of D on ground level ozone

    2. Washington Council of Governments website (list of top 10 pollution sources in Montgomery County)

    3. Terrible traffic in Montgomery County

  4. ALLEVIATE urban heat island effect  

  5. Traffic: the county must acknowledge the actual amount of traffic we have  

  6. Quasi State Agencies - money from county, but agencies run by someone else => Need to mandate audits, inspector generals,

    1. Montgomery County School System (lacks independent audit until recently - now every 6 years)

    2. MN-CPPC

    3. WSSC

  7. Developer subsidies / loss of tax revenue

  8. Partisanship

Civic Activist and 2nd VP of the Montgomery County Civic Federation

Danila Sheveiko - Part I

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