Jeff Waldstreicher

Candidate for State Senator - District 18

On March 18, 2018, Jeff shared his views on the collaborative process of legislating change in the Maryland State Legislature. 

Hear Jeff's thoughts on:

Education - it defines our community


Health Care


  • Supports single payer system

    • Tough given the representative reality in the MD state legislature

  • State needs to step up due to the cancellation of the federal mandate


Politics - a marathon; sometimes outside events can accelerate things


Trump Administration


  • Maryland should be a leader pushing back against the Trump administration


Support of the SAFE Act


Planned Parenthood


  • The largest provider of mammograms for women in Maryland (and the nation)

  • MD passed a bill last year to fund this


Working to champion issues for the disabled


  • Proposal to get rid of the Medicaid clawback for ABLE accounts

  • ABLE accounts (529 accounts for people with disabilities to save their money and protect their assets w/out sacrificing social security disability benefits)

  • The Medicaid clawback sometimes requires people to take money out of their ABLE accounts - damaging ability for people to sign up for these accounts


Complexity as a systemic problem in government


  • Healthcare is expensive and difficult to navigate

  • The public option for Obamacare would have helped; but would have jeopardized support for passing Obamacare


On building consensus w/divergent political views


Divergent views between the county council / county state delegation

  • Council wants more money

  • State delegation doesn’t necessarily agree

On Maryland Passing Dedicated Funding for Metro

  • 150 million, forever funding


50% vs 100% clean energy bills before the legislature


On writing effective legislation


Bill for public financing of state legislature races


  • Complicated by districts that occupy multiple counties

  • Bills for statewide financing have failed


On The 2018 Legislative Session


  • Maryland Healthy Paid Leave Act

    • Overroad veto on paid sick leave

    • So people can get paid leave to care for sick kids / relatives


On Working Family Support


  • Co-lead sponsor on fight for 15

  • Support Labor / Unions


On Working for Bob Mueller


On professional work in corporate investigations


On Consumer Financial Protections Bureau


  • How can we stand up to the Trump admin slashing this department back?


On Amazon coming to Maryland


On the SAFE Act (Details)

  • Unconstitutionality of local law enforcement holding immigrants based on ICE detainer requested not backed by a court or independent 3rd party

  • Montgomery County is already operating constitutionally

  • Other jurisdictions are not operating in this manner

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