Jim McGee

Candidate for County Council - District 1

In January and Februrary of 2018, Jim described his vision for Montgomery County across a range of issues.

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You’ll hear Jim’s thoughts on:


  • How to organize the county to be more livable, navigable, etc..

  • Building infrastructure before developing

  • Citizen input in the zoning / land-use planning process

  • Public Financing of Campaigns

  • Pedestrian and bicyclist safety

  • Shortening trips - co-locating commercial / residential

  • Montgomery County’s Climate Emergency Declaration - the number one issue facing all of us (as Jim puts it)

    • Translating it to action; will take thought and serious dialog

    • Re-prioritize the planning process to make the climate emergency a number one priority

    • Divestment doesn’t help the county get to zero emissions, but it is a great symbolic gesture

  • On Working Families

    • People should be able to work a 40 hour job and have a life

    • Jobs should pay a living wage

  • On Elections

    • Open primary system - where the two candidates that win the most votes, regardless of party, make it to the final election in November

  • Education

    • Expand preschool / early childhood care / education is important (funds permitted)

    • Early childhood educators get paid the least

  • On Minimum Standard of Living

  • Tackling the Budget Gap

  • On Power Centers in Montgomery County

  • On Community Input into the Decision Making Process

    • Bring more stakeholders into the planning process

  • On a Regional Approach to Metro

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