Marc Elrich

Marc Elrich - Part I

Democratic candidate for county executive and current Montgomery County council member.

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Marc Elrich discusses why he is running and his top priorities should he be elected.


Learn about:

  1. Schools

    1. Closing the achievement gap

    2. Correlation between performance / poverty

    3. Address underlying social issues

    4. Reducing class size

    5. Adjusting  curriculum

      1. For college prep

      2. For vocational (non-college)

  2. Development

    1. If we say we are doing smart growth, we really ought to do smart growth.

  3. Commercial real estate vacancies

    1. There are enough vacancies to fill 66,000 jobs

  4. Workforce doesn’t necessarily match needs of employers

  5. Provide people opportunities to start and grow businesses

    1. Business incubators

    2. Support entrepreneurs

  6. What are obstacles for new businesses to start?

    1. How can we streamline this

  7. Make sure regulations aren’t prohibiting businesses from affordably / sensibly occupying existing spaces

    1. Create study group on this with Sidney Katz for current council

  8. Experience

    1. Big Business Management

    2. Small Business

    3. Coop in Takoma Park

    4. Real estate venture in Howard County

    5. 19 years on Takoma Park City Council

  9. On forming a team to run the county

    1. Different perspectives

    2. No yes men

    3. Listen / keep an open mind​

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