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37% of the proceeds of any music on go to James' Place - supporting those battling addiction - in honer of Jon Blank. Miss you Jon!!I


-- Jon Foreman




  • Jazz / Rock / Fusion Instrumental Trio
  • All original compositions but one cover


Review from barkndog @


"If you like complex funky grooves and odd time signatures you'll love this. Knockout guitar work (and a killer tone!) complements super tight, in the pocket drums and slippery bass. Short songs keep everything extremely focused. No fluff and no filler on this disc. Essential listening for any fusion fan and especially guitarheads. More please!!!!"


Guitar: Jon Foreman

Bass Guitar: Jon Blank

Drums: Daniel Jacobson

Kitchen Sink Album - Fragment 37

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  • ZIP file expandable to 15 songs that are MP3 files.

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