Track 3 as used, so far, for the intro and outro music to the ACTIVIST podcast. Buy this and keep my podcast going!!!


37% of the proceeds of any music on go to James' Place - supporting those battling addiction - in honer of Jon Blank. Miss you Jon!!


I composed this one and we recorded it in 2006. Probably the jazziest track on the Kitchen Sink album, it is basically 3 minor chords in various arrangements w/ a drum solo.


It is fun to solo over because as the minor chords transition from one to the next, it offers opportunties to play various modes as the chords transition and hit interesting notes like harmonic minor and what not.


Mostly I'm focused on Dorian but you'll hear other modes in there as well.


Guitar: Jon Foreman

Bass: Jon Blank

Drums: Dan Jacobson


Yours truly,


Jon Foreman

Track 3

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