Shruti Bhatnagar

Candidate for County Council - At Large

On April 25, 2018, Democratic candidate for an at-large council seat in Montgomery County, Shruti Bhatnagar touched on a number of issues from diversity, to schools to public financing of campaigns.

Hear Shruti's Thoughts On:


Candidate Forums


On Community / Civic Involvement


  • Kensington Heights Civic Association

  • PTA President

  • Founding Member: Maryland Welcomes Refugees

  • MCPS Teacher and Parent Volunteer in Schools

  • Work on Health Care Committees




  • People move to MoCo for our Schools

  • Inequities / lack of resources

  • Needy populations in certain schools (Free and Reduced Meals Schools)

  • Needs of English Language Learners

  • Special Learning Needs Require Specific Solutions

  • Growing by 2500 students / year


Immigrant Experience


  • Language Challenges

  • Support this population


Various Challenges


  • Child Care is Expensive

  • How do we make people aware of beneficial programs?


Tackling Inequalities in Schools


  • Relieve Overcrowding

  • Consider boundary changes

  • Ensure funding to meet capacity / healthy environment

  • Our school system needs more money

  • After School Programs

  • Student Population / Needs Have Changed Radically in Last 10 Years


Community Engagement / Outreach


On Diversity in Montgomery County


Child Care Accessibility / Affordability for Working Families


Encouraging / Supporting Businesses


Housing Affordability Crisis


Equity and Opportunity for All - Main Priority


Climate Emergency


On Public Financing and Not Getting Matching Funds Due to a Technicality

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